Using Charme

Charme is a hand held, cordless unit that delivers a combination of low pH water and a NaCl solution.  It produces. an ultra fine mist that you can use anywhere safely on your body.  It’s been used in hospitals, spas and now by individuals wanting the best for their skin.

The first thing most people notice is how smooth their skin feels – almost instantly.  This is because using low pH water and solution moisturizes even the deepest layers of your skin.  Charme has been shown to be particularly helpful for people with eczema and dry skin conditions.  In one study in Japan, 15,000 people who had eczema were tested using Charme.  A staggering 85% showed significant improvement in only a few weeks.  And there were no reported side effects.

The fine mist produced by the hand held Charme unit feels refreshing to the touch.  It only takes a few seconds to apply and can used with any combination of your current skin care regimen.  You would just apply the Charme first, after cleansing your face.  To learn more about Charme and it’s many uses and benefits, visit our home page at Skin Care

December 4th, 2009