Charme Natural Skin Care Product:

Use Charme Base Solution in the Revenir Unit for the

best natural skin care product for the whole family!   

If you simply want the best natural skin care product for dry skin, dry aging skin, acne, eczema, and more, Charme is for you.

Charme Unit for SaleCharme natural skin care product in the easy to use Revenir hand held unit that super hydrates, purifies and soothes for healthy beautiful, youthful skin.

Charme provides penetrating purification, balance and moisture.

Using Charme low pH water and sodium chloride in a patented Revenir delivery system,  releases a natural ionized anti-microbial spray that instantly softens dry, aged or irritated skin and provides it with deep penetrating moisture.

It's a natural skin care product proven by science to hydrate and clear skin. Not just for skin problems, Charme Base Solution's deep hydration increases healthy moisture for more glowing balanced, youthful looking skin.The deep hydration reaches the depest dermis layer of the skin. 

"My skin is finally in balance. After years of trying everything, I love my skin. It looks and feels soft, yet not too oily or dry, just balanced."

B.T. Iowa

Dr. Susan Lark highly recommends Charme Base Solution and Revenir Vitamin C Skin Care Products, calling them the best skin care available.

In a very recent study in Japan, 15,000 people were treated with low pH water for eczema. A staggering 85% of the people showed significant improvements in the quality of their skin with NO side effects.

I cried tears of joy when Charme cleared up my skin in 2 months. I had acne since the 4th grade. Everyone is asking what I did.

J. Hawaii

I purchased the unit and have been very happy with the results. But, the best review of your product came the other day when a friend I hadn’t seen in a year said, “You had a face lift!” I can’t imagine anything more affirming than that compliment! Thank you for a great product.

Charme devotee, V.S. New York, N.Y.

Charme Base Solution is a proven anti-microbial. In fact it eliminates virtually all traces of bacteria in under 30 seconds. It for used for sterilization purposes in hospitals. In the February 2004 issue of Cosmetic Dermatology, 75 percent of the people in the study preferred Charme Base Solution over the traditional topical medications. Why? With no side effects or chemicals, it's safe, natural and easy to use.

Natural Skin Care Product, Base Solution is used to :

  • Relieve even extreme cases of eczema
  • As an excellent astringent - tightens pores to reduce moisture loss in skin.
  • Cleaner - for kitchen, bathrooms, baby's room, and office surfaces.
  • Help cuts and scrapes by killing bacteria to prevent infection.
    Keep kids' hands germ free.
  • Soothe insect bites & kills germs.
  • Soothe skin after shaving.
  • Relieve Sunburn.
  • Hydrate skin - use when you fly and in dry or cold climates.
  • For athlete's foot - kills bacteria and fungi.
  • Used in sports medicine.
  • Soothe diaper rash with no harmful toxins.
  • Effective at relieving pressure wounds.
  • Calming to minor skin burns.
  • Cleaning for instruments for Manicures and pedicures.
  • Provide super hydration of the hair.
  • Re-balance skin's pH level to an acidic state.

Charme Image
Charme uses a unique,
delivery system

Charme Base Solution is soothing to the skin and can be used in addition to any other facial regime you're already using. It works all by itself or in conjunction with cleansers, moisturizers and also works great with Revenir's Vitamin C Solution.

"I have used it to help women improve the quality of their skin both on the face and other areas of their body. The results have been very good.

The device is also useful for preventing cellulitis and preventing fungal infections of the feet. From a pediatric standpoint, the  unit is good for anal itching and pediatric eczema as well as bug bites and other childhood conditions where there is the symptom of itching. I am now using the unit on decubitus ulcers of the leg for elderly people."

Dr. Frank Ervolino Jupiter, FL

Charme natural skin care product easily works for you...

 Super Charged Mist

Charme Base Solution provides the ultimate experience in superior hydration. It is used in hospitals for it's safe, natural disinfectant properties. In fact, they've been using low pH water for decades in Europe, Japan, the United States. 

The low pH water is created by the Revenir device through a process called electrolysis. The low pH water helps re-establish the skin's outer layer to its natural optimal acidic state. 

This acidic state helps act as the first layer of defense from bacteria, fungi and viruses that result in disease.

Charme Base Solution uses a very fine super charged mist, it's been suggested that the negative ions generated by using this natural skin care product is like standing under waterfall. This mist consists of a patented sodium chloride solution and low pH water.

Simply press the button and apply this fine mist to your skin. It feels soothing and refreshing. Because of the patented delivery method the low pH water goes straight into the deepest layers of your skin.

Charme with Solution

Up until very recently, the machines used for electrolysis were industrial sized and expensive. Revenir's hand held personal unit is light weight and allows for easy and effective application to help renew your skin.

If you want the best skin care product for your skin and are looking for the BEST natural skin care product, then Charme Base Solution with the Revenir Unit is for you!

Just think of Charme Base Solution as the ideal moisturizer, toner and disinfectant. It's safe and has no side effects.

"Living in Chicago my skin undergoes condition changes. My whole life I have dealt with chapped flaky skin and redness. Spending hours looking for the right cream, normally the most expensive, and my conditions would go away temporarily however always return. There would be days that I would even use Vaseline anything to take the itch away. I would also get stress acne enough to cause more stress and more acne.


It was not until I started using Charme that my stress started to go away along with my skin conditions. The most noticeable change was the morning I looked into the mirror and my spot cream and moisturizer was not the first thing I grabbed. Charme was the miracle water I was looking for. - Thanks Charme"

Kristen Hossa - Northfield, IL

If you have dry skin, eczema, acne, rashes, or just want healthier glowing skin, then Charme is the ultimate natural skin care product on the market.

Laura Norman, author of the best selling book "Feet First; A Guide to Foot Reflexology", and her team of associates use Charme and Revenir on their clients from head to toe. Laura is now incorporating Charme and Revenir into her treatment regime for their anti microbial and skin hydration properties as well as their beneficial effects on a multitude of skin conditions.


“I first started using Charme and Revenir to experience the results myself. When I saw my own hyper-pigmentation and fine lines disappearing, I became very excited and began sharing Charme and Revenir with my clients and the students/graduate of my reflexology school. They are now reporting similar extraordinary results.”

Laura Norman Delray Beach, FL & New York, NY

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