Revenir and Charme Testimonials

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I stayed with a dear friend whose daughter and son-in-law were also visiting. They went to the beach and Jay, the son-in-law, who has reddish hair and very fair skin, got sunburned, especially around his ankles. He described them as being “crispy.” They were very red and the skin was very tight. He was a “crispy critter” indeed.
I immediately got the Charme, which I fortunately packed for my trip, and sprayed his ankles with it. He said that it felt really good, very soothing, and the “fire” diminished. Aloe Vera gel was also applied.
The next morning over half the redness was gone, there was no blistering and the skin felt softer. I sprayed again with Charme and the next day the sunburn was almost gone.

Amy Fitzgerald
Seattle, WA

I have been a bartender for several years. I also suffer from a bad case of eczema on my hands and feet, mainly my second and middle finger. I'm constantly exposing my hands to irritants such as bleach and limes. I've tried steroids and ointment creams. I hate the restrictions of the creams. And with the demands of my job I was never able to get relief. Until, my girlfriend brought home the Charme system. It's been two weeks and I haven't seen my hands look this good in a long time. I'm able to spray my hands and feet at anytime I choose and not have to worry about smearing ointment on anything. I'm a low maintenance kind of guy and the Charme system was a perfect fit. I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from extremely dry, cracked skin. I've told several people about this fascinating new system I've been using. And the results speak for them self.

Andrew Myers
Seattle, WA

The Charme's low-ph generator is a useful clinical tool in my Natural Medicine practice. I practice with 3 other doctors on the campus of Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Florida. I am on the staff of the hospital as an allied health practitioner. My practice mainly revolves around acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and natural medicine. I use the Charme device for a variety of conditions. The results have been spectacular. I have used it for eczema on the hands, face, behind the ears, under the breasts and in the armpit area. It has resolved most cases except for those due to pharmaceutical reactions. I use it for acne rosacea, intertrigo, acne vulgaris, acne due to hormonal changes and for psoriasis. The latter (psoriasis) was not planned but the patient decided to try it on his psoriasis anyway and the results were dramatic. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the Charme device calms wind in the skin and drains heat as well as toxins from the skin. I currently have a research project at Jupiter Medical Center in the Ella Milbank Foshay Cancer Center where we are using the Charme device to see if it can lessen the discomfort of irradiation oncology on women with breast cancer. I have used it to help women improve the quality of their skin both on the face and other areas of their body. The results have been very good.
The Charme device is also useful for preventing cellulitis and preventing fungal infections of the feet. From a pediatric standpoint, the Charme unit is good for anal itching and pediatric eczema as well as bug bites and other childhood conditions where there is the symptom of itching. I am now using the Charme unit on decubitus ulcers of the leg for elderly people. One can also use the Charme for any itching from lichen simplex chronicus or nervous itching. I have sold units to help people control sinus infections by spraying the water up the nasal concha. The antibacterial properties of the water make the Charme useful for eye infections as the water can be sprayed directly into the eye without stinging and it can also be useful in treating sore throats and infected tonsils. As you can see, the unit is very versatile and I know that I will continue to find new uses for it in the future. I write about it in my "Ask The Doctor” column in Better Nutrition Magazine where I am senior research editor. I also talk about it in my capacity as the resident expert on the Deborah Ray/Healthy Talk Radio TV and Radio syndicated shows.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Frank Ervolino
Jupiter, FL

I'm in my mid twenties, and I have been experiencing overactive skin. The melanin in my skin causes my blemishes to be very apparent. I started feeling self conscious about the condition of my skin. Then I was introduced to the Charme system. The Charme has many benefits, but my focus was to diminish the appearance of past and present impurities. I started substituting my everyday moisturizer with the refreshing mist of my Charme. And the results have been amazing! My skin looks and feels more healthy & hydrated. And best of all, my acne scars are fading naturally. I'm starting to feel completely balanced inside and out.

Brandy Brown

I have been using Charme in my practice for several months. I have used it primarily for a variety of skin conditions such as psoriasis, Dermatitis, etc. I have been totally amazed with the results. I have one patient with psoriasis who has had tremendous relief. I have also used the Charme on diabetic ulcers with good improvement. This technology allows the patient to not only get relief in the office but to take the treatment home for even better results with consistent use at home.

Gene Stewart
Acupuncture Physician
Lakeland, FL

Dear Gita,

Once again, it was so lovely to see you the other day, and to have my treatments, that great Oxygen Facial which I live by, and then to replenish my various medicine chests with the creams I should use now, but also they are ones which I am really likely to use, not just ‘promise’ to open once in a while!
Now this brings me to what I forgot to say to you last week, because I was too relaxed…and I only thought of it again this morning when I was packing to come down to Washington. I put the usual ‘Hand Wipes’ in my bag, and also some old-fashioned anti-cold/flu medicine which I bring back from England – and I realized, with all this talk about Flu Vaccine, that I have not even had a simple head-cold in 2 years , not one!
I’m sure there are other people who could say that, but in our case we are on planes and trains all the time. I am meeting lots and lots of people in theatre lobbies and shaking hands, and being hugged! I am not getting enough sleep and we all know that the one thing people always bring back from their trips, -- is an unknown stock of germs, which always turn into a sore throat, about 72 hours after landing. My husband has had 3 really bad viral things during this time, but I have not! It’s true I take Calcium and (liquid organic) Iron and once in a while just a little Vitamin C but I think, my intuitive ‘belief’ about the solidity of my immune system, is due to, guess what? The amazing wonder ‘gadget’ you talked me into!? And I said I’d never use it, - because I didn’t have time? Charme…Yes, my sleek white spray, always at the ready in my bathroom
I now believe that it is a natural disinfectant and Germ Stopper a real ‘health tool’

I don’t take it to the country with me on weekends, so I am only using it 5 days a week. I use it as I wake up, to refresh my face, then I use it maybe twice more during the day after a shower, before and after making up my face and when I get off a plane I spray my whole body and also down my throat, and after being in crowded theatres I also do the throat thing…and I have never been healthier… So, when I get back from Europe this time I might even indulge myself with a second Charme to keep in the country and of course I can’t thank you enough!

Much love,
Judy Goetz Sanger Sirgay

I think this would be a great pediatric thing too, to protect babies…all my friend with precious grandchildren should give them out as Christmas Presents!

I treat many patients in my practice for allergies. Not long ago I had the occasion to treat a 2.5 year old boy with a severe case of Eczema. He was very miserable, scratching all the time, very hyperactive. On the first visit I introduced the parents to the Charme. The patient would not sit still so that I could test him to determine the allergies to be treated so I explained the benefits of the Charme, and that it has a calming affect as well due to the negative ions. After receiving permission I sprayed the Charme on the eczema areas and misted around his head. Within seconds he had settled down and stopped scratching. We proceeded with the testing and began treatments. Each time they visited the office we sprayed with the Charme before treatment. The parents noted that on the evenings after a visit to the office the child slept all night without problems with the eczema. On the third visit the parents ordered a Charme for use at home. I continued to treat the child for a while and the eczema had almost disappeared the last time I saw him.

John Kennedy
Acupuncture Physician
Oviedo, FL

Hello Priti,

I do a lot of acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatments, sinus treatments, Bells Palsy treatments. All these require a multitude of very tiny acupuncture needles inserted very superficially in the face.

If you were to do the traditional method of swabbing each point with alcohol, it alerts the patient that you are going to place needles in each of those spots and can cause anxiety. Alcohol has been connected with cancer so Charme has been a welcome addition in my practice.

Instead of alcohol swabs, I say to the patient “you will feel a light mist on your face”. They smile. I spray Charme on the face. It keeps the patient calm. It cleans the face and prepares the skin for needle insertion. The skin texture is softer and the needle goes in so much easier.

Thank you for introducing me to Charme. It keeps my patients happy and coming back.

Jill O’Brien, Dom L.Ac., F.S.
Peoria, AZ

Living in Chicago my skin undergoes condition changes. My whole life I have dealt with chapped flaky skin and redness. Spending hours looking for the right cream, normally the most expensive, and my conditions would go away temporarily however always return. There would be days that I would even use Vaseline anything to take the itch away. I would also get stress acne enough to cause more stress and more acne. It was not until I started using Charme that my stress started to go away along with my skin conditions. The most noticeable change was the morning I looked into the mirror and my spot cream and moisturizer was not the first thing I grabbed. Charme was the miracle water I was looking for.

Thanks Charme

Kristen Hossa
Northfield, IL

Dear Wendy,

I'd like to let you know how pleased I've been with the usage of Charme in my acupuncture practice.

Initially I was interested in using Charme to further cleanse the skin and accupoints for facial rejuvenation treatments, as several of my patients were very sensitive to alcohol. I had been informed about how Charme's electrolysis process adjusted the Ph of the water solution resulting in a solution that was anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. I was further impressed with how the skin's hydration increased after using Charme. I insert many tiny hair-thin needles and if the skin is dehydrated, needle retention can be difficult. The additional benefit of hydrating the skin with Charme made my treatments much easier.

Charme is a great adjunct therapy to use in the clinic. It's helped in the treatment of skin rashes, muscle soreness and acne.

Thank you for your help and support in introducing me to Charme.

Yours in health,

Laura E. Gunden, A.P.
Clearwater, FL

Dear Mikuni Corp,

I started using the Charme about 10 months ago. I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. Before using the Charme, my skin would break out about once a month. These breakouts were not too severe but very obvious and annoying. But ever since I started using the Charme, these monthly breakouts have completely stopped. A few months ago, I went on a vacation and didn't take the Charme with me and by the end of the holiday I had breakouts! When I got home and was able to mist again, the breakouts cleared up in one day! I will never leave my Charme at home again when traveling!

Nancy Rielly
Irvine, CA

Dear Ms. Odedra:

As a physically active person I have had a reoccurring case of athlete’s foot. This fungus has evolved into bigger problems for my feet. It infected my nails to the point of them falling off and uncontrollable plantar warts that seemed to roam freely on the souls of my feet. I was washing my feet frequently with all types of soaps and scrubs. I went to several different doctors that prescribed medicines that ranged from Vick’s VapoRub and Gray Tape, to Penlic, Drysol and other costly and potentially harmful (to the liver) prescriptions. These remedies seemed to have very little effect on resolving my feet’s problems. Then I started using Charme. My athlete’s foot condition went away almost immediately and within 4 weeks, there was no sign of any plantar warts.

Thanks Charme.

Roman Pytel
Northfield, IL

I started using the Charme unit shortly after I had an allergic reaction to a synthetic ingredient that was sprayed on my carpet of my new place. My body was purging all the toxins and my skin broke out all over my face and under my jaw line. I tried almost everything to clear it up - including pure grade essential oils, detoxing, to over-the-counter products such as cortisone cream and of which if you new me, you would have been completely shocked I used. I had never had this kind of problem with my skin before and nothing seemed to be helping in my situation. I am an Aesthetician so this was even harder for me to deal with since my skin is my walking advertisement. I started using the Charme unit right away and within just a few weeks, my skin started to clear up. The hardened areas from the breakouts started softening up and my skin started to feel very smooth again. I used the Charme unit faithfully everyday for three months and my face completely cleared up. I love this product and I will continue to use it in my daily regimen for the silkiness that it leaves my skin and the anti bacterial agent that it is which makes it a great product for cuts as well. It also works great on babies who have any kind of skin rashes or problems. I have also been using the Charme unit on my 9 month old son since he was born and he absolutely loves it. I am always on the lookout for great new products that actually do what they say and I am very happy with the results I received from the Charme.

Forever Grateful,
Saundra Lee
Dublin, CA

I cannot believe how wonderful and useful the Charme is!

When I caught a cold I was blowing my nose often and to avoid getting the skin under my nose dry and red, I would spray Charme on it as well as inhale the mist. As a result, the skin under my nose did not get dry or red or irritated at all.

I also developed eczema on my scalp around the hairline. It started in February and I would spray the Charme in the morning and also at night after I washed my hair. I would also spray whenever my scalp got itchy. Now, a month later, the flakiness has dropped dramatically – I would say about 90%. I know that there is no cure for eczema – but the Charme has drastically reduced the itchiness as well as calmed my anxiety over looking bad – no more flakes on my hairline!

And the more I use the Charme, the more I find uses for it! I use it twice daily as part of my facial regimen, but I have also used it on cold sores and sore throats, as well as spraying it on my legs after saving and on my husband for mild acne. It is so very useful that I believe every household should have at least one!


As a spa owner, a paramedical esthetician, and permanent make-up artist with over 27 years in the industry, it takes a lot to get me excited in the cosmetic industry.
Revenir and Charme did get me excited and I love the products. I love the results for wrinkles and for the repairing of skin. I am now going to start with eczema and my prayer is that Charme truly heals it! I will know more about this first hand in about 2 months!

All in all, these products are superb and to use them professionally gives my spa a first class image. Clients love it too and want to bring one home to use!

Yvonne Nahl
Laguna Beach, CA

While I still enjoy working with clients, most of my time is spent sharing my knowledge through education and training estheticians, on how to utilize both the natural and holistic approach with the more aggressive procedures that we perform today.

I have found the Revenir and Charme to be a wonderful addition. Not only have I seen the spectacular results on myself, but also on my clients. Imagine for a moment how good it feels to have your youthful glow return, to have rosy cheeks and the smooth supple skin you once had, or the relief it brings to people who have been tormented by chronic skin ailments. It has helped so many people in so many ways. I would like to thank the Mikuni Corporation of giving us the wonderful addition to our profession.

Wendy Thomas
Largo, FL

Laura Norman, founder and CEO of The Laura Norman Reflexology and Skin Care Day Spa and Training Center, and world-renowned authority in Reflexology, holds 3 masters degrees in education. Author of the best-selling book, “Feet First; A Guide to Foot Reflexology”, Laura is a nationally certified Reflexologist, licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist. Ms. Norman is frequently featured in national magazines, newspapers, and on radio and TV.

For the last 33 years Laura has pursued her mission of making the science of Reflexology understood, appreciated and available around the world. She developed the most comprehensive Reflexology training programs available anywhere, and offers her programs at spas, salons, wellness centers, universities and hospitals, massage schools, the NY Podiatry College as well as at her own Reflexology Training Centers in New York City and Delray Beach, Florida,

Laura Norman and her team of associates treat their clients from head to toe. Laura is now incorporating Charme and Revenir into her treatment regime for their antimicrobial and skin hydration properties as well as their beneficial effects on a multitude of skin conditions. “I first started using Charme and Revenir to experience the results myself. When I saw my own hyper-pigmentation and fine lines disappearing, I became very excited and began sharing Charme and Revenir with my clients and the students/graduate of my reflexology school. They are now reporting similar extraordinary results.”

Laura Norman
Delray Beach, FL
New York, NY

Dear Mary Jane,

I wanted to report to you about my Charme/Revenir experience.

I went to my Esthetician Class last night and from across the room a student made a comment about my face! I was really surprised! I have noticed a change but only after a week I was pleasantly surprised that the change was enough to have people make comments. I did not take the machines to class last week but will be taking them tomorrow to share with them. You may be receiving phone calls from new students with questions and looking to purchase a unit.

I believe my surgery scar has also improved and healing at a faster pace then before.

I truly look forward to reporting my experience after the month trial.

I will keep you informed.

Kym Fulton
Miromar Lakes, FL

Since I started using both the Charme & Revenir a year ago, as a pioneer, I have noticed a tremendous difference in the way my skin looks and feels.
For example, - I don’t get any in grown hairs anymore.

I have been coming to Gita for 6 years and now my skin has an extra benefit. – Thank you.

The Revenir product brings life to my skin, making it feel smooth and silky.
The Charme product adds moisture to my skin after use.

Jeff Hoffman
New York, N.Y.

Dear Revenir/Charme:

My name is Jo Ann and I am a licensed independent aesthetician in Largo, FL. I started using the Revenir/Charme on myself back in December 2003. The results of the 2 have been amazing. My deep lines on my neck have plumped up, my pores have shrunk and I have won the battle with my cystic acne.

As a small aesthetics studio, it is difficult to compete against larger day spas. However, since I have been selling this device that has changed. Two of my clients have left higher end spas because I use functional water in my treatment room. They were tired of harsh treatments and wanted something more effective and natural. I have sold devices to my clients for anti-aging and medical purposes. I have one client who has had several skin cancer growths removed from her face, I have another client who has open sores on her face that would not close. The Charme has assisted these ladies with the healing of their skin. On the other side, I have clients who use the Charme because they want to balance their skin’s pH after a shower. I have a runner who uses the Revenir 3 times a day. Once before she runs, after she showers, and before she goes to bed.

When I introduce these products to my clients, I am able to talk about them with confidence. It feels great to promote a product that has been reviewed in medical journals and aesthetics magazines. These products not only penetrate the dermal layer of the skin, but they also penetrate the soul. Instead of waking up and smelling the coffee, my clients wake up and smell the Charme/Revenir!

My thanks to Mikuni for helping me make my dreams possible!

Jo Ann Fenstermacher, LMT, RFS
Largo, FL

Here is my and my husband's testimonial.

I noticed a difference right away using Revenir on my face and Charme on my feet. I didn't expect to see results for several weeks but was hooked by the second use. I now use them both religiously twice a day.

My Husband:
I really like this Charme thing after shaving. Unlike lotions, it's not greasy and feels really great. Can I try another spray? (Now he's asking daily to get a spray)

Jo Anne Clark
Westerville, OH

I am a licensed Sports Rehabilitation Therapist and Skin Care Specialist from Russia now living in Florida.
I obtained my initial training and education in Russian Sports massage in 1975. This training required three years of nursing school as part of the program. In Russia, I was in the health care field for approximately 10 years working with gymnastic and Karate School students in Moscow. This extremely powerful type of therapy applied to muscle injuries, provides fast and permanent pain relief. The technique is called “Soft Tissue Release” and has a success rate of 98%.
Unfortunately, numerous massage therapies practiced in the United States offer limited success, because most of them if not all, are based on the chemical processes in the body. But pain is an electrical signal from the brain. To successfully treat people in pain, you need to speak the language of the brain which is electrical. If somebody talks perfect Russian to you, and you do not speak Russian, you will understand nothing. You won’t be able to communicate with him until he starts to speak English. The same is true with the body’s language.
The goal is to appeal to the autonomic nervous system in a way that you get a spontaneous release and obtain original resting length of the previously injured muscle. These concepts are based on the new science of Quantum Physics as they apply to accelerated healing and the release that can be obtained by quickly reprogramming the nervous system.
The speed of the release obtained defies some of the mechanistic theories we have been taught in school as to the nature of injury and the rate of recovery. The concepts are challenging and are for the open minded. The results are consistent and extraordinary.
In 1996, I moved to the U.S. and now my practice combines the following techniques of massage and bodywork: Soft Tissue Release, Facial Mobilization, Sports Massage and Rehabilitation, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Esalen, Swedish Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
I specialize in working mostly with people who are in pain.
As an Esthetician I was always interested in natural holistic ways to take care of the skin. Living in Russia I was aware of the benefits of using low pH water to treat wound and burns in the hospital. So when I learned about the Charme and Revenir systems I became very excited. Because I knew that this technology would allow me take my skin care treatment to a higher level of satisfaction for my clients.

Irina Black
St. Petersburg, FL

Dear Aestheticians

To believe in something, we as aestheticians, first have to experience the product ourselves. That is what I did when I started to use the Charme & Revenir mist on my skin. It felt like a spring shower on my face! My body felt like silk, head to toes, and I received many compliments for the way I looked.

After experiencing the unit myself, I wanted to test it on my clientele. On those clientele that I thought would reap the benefits from the product, I sprayed the mist on them during their regular treatments. Quite a few of my clients remarked that their skin felt different soon afterwards. As the weeks passed and getting positive feedback from them, I knew that Charme & Revenir found a home in my spa.

Today, most of my clients has one of these units in their home and also travel with them on business or vacation. They are also satisfied with the product that they are giving it as a gift to their spouses and friends who may have similar skin problems.

I’m honored to be the first American flagship spa for Charme & Revenir. We conduct hands-on training on the use of the product for aestheticians and distributors. Since each treatment is different, it is important to understand how to use the unit appropriately in order to yield the best results.

My wish is that everyone would use a Charme & Revenir unit consistently so that their skin can be rejuvenated. I have seen the results and they are amazing!

Gita Gabriel
New York, NY

I am and have been a professional makeup artist and a union member in good standing (Local 798 of IATSE) in New York City for over thirty-five years. My credits are numerous, and after a three year absence still work as a free lancer in the television and film industry.

I work hard to stay healthy, giving me a high energy profile, exercise three times a week and look good for my age. My sister and I have invested in a gyro tonics studio featuring spiral gymnastic exercises on 68th and Madison Avenue in New York City. Studio Uma's director Peter Korue is an ex-ballet dancer and registered nurse. He is highly regarded among doctors and chiropractors, working in conjunction with them and their patients. I am also in the process of completing g a book called, "Beauty and the Grease" that is part autobiographical, part accumulation of knowledge and experiences to be shared on the art of make up.

As an older creature, woman in a youth oriented business; I am reinventing myself through action and service to find a better truth and reason to be.

Good plastic surgery addresses the premature wrinkled skin, excess skin from weight loss or heredity and out of balance features that distort. If not careful, the face loses mobility, rhythm, and expressions become fixed. As we age our physical bodies slow down and the face particularly loses color along with the eyes and mouth. The two sides of the face are different and become more so in time due to the forces of gravity. For the older woman who cannot afford plastic surgery either financially or for health reasons, should concentrate on health, paying attention to diet, regular exercise and a grooming program of skin and hair care. From my experience and observation facials overwork muscles and over stimulate the skin often leaving it lifeless and tired looking. The continuous use of Botox injections and fillers are not only expensive, but dangerous and have no lasting power.

The Revenir and Charme advanced delivery systems are hand held devices electrolyzing vitamin C and sodium chloride delivering it to the deepest layers of the skin where collagen is formed and helps balance the skin’s pH. Paula Zdovc, a licensed aesthetician and long time friend who has a salon in the same building as Studio Uma keeps current on the latest technologies in skin care and anti aging solutions. We have the same philosophy on aging and trust her judgment. I had not seen Paula in months because of my hectic work schedule at the time. She looked younger, her face less drawn and tired looking. Her skin was vibrant and colorful.

It’s been five months since I purchased these two devices from her and after the first couple of days noticed an immediate change in my skin tone and texture. My face looked radiant and fuller. There was a softening of wrinkles especially around the outer areas of the eyes and the forehead. My sister also uses these machines and continues to get accolades from friends and co-workers. In two instances, one make-up artist who had not seen me in a year thought I had some work done on my face, another after twenty years swore I looked the same and had not changed. These were sincere and genuine responses from makeup people in the beauty business.

I use the Revenir and Charme systems religiously twice a day. It’s a simple routine of spraying the mist a few seconds all over a clean face. They are easy to clean and maintain. It is the best investment I ever made and will be forever a staple in my life. In the long run, it is economical, saving time and money going to a salon for treatments that can be used on a daily basis.

It is extremely safe with no side effects and recommend it highly for women who are not afraid of growing old gracefully.

A good sense of humor and a passion for living with all its ups and downs will bring forth a youthfulness that is ageless and timeless.

Frances Kolar
Long Island City, NY

Greetings Kathy, Priti and all:

I can’t say enough about these products; I recall when Priti said to me "once you start using Revenir and Charme you will never, never want to stop"; so true, I can't imagine missing one day of using these products both morning and evening; also they are so easy to travel with; I have taken them with me on week long trips without the chargers and they stay charged for that long, so that's a plus as well; but as far as the benefits and results, they are definitely noticeable; my skin is more evenly toned with the sun spots almost completely gone and a healthier overall appearance; plus my face is firmer and smoother; but I use these extraordinary products on my arms and legs too! When I finish spraying my face I use the last bit of spray on my arms and then I use the excess water from Revenir on my legs; I have noticed over time that the skin on my legs is much less dry and scaly, and this is without lotion. I also have noticed a major lightening of the sun spots on my arms and legs. I don't toss any of the excess waters down the sink, and in fact I use the excess water from Charme in my plants. Amazingly my gardenia plant which has only bloomed once and is so difficult to grow here in Idaho has several buds just waiting to bloom; I have been watering it with Charme for just a few weeks. Most importantly, these products are natural, so I don't have to worry about synthetics or harmful chemicals being absorbed into my skin.

Thank you,
Cherie Senieur
Middleton, ID

I had some hyper pigmentation on my face and I started using the Revenir to help lighten those areas. I used the product for three months and I noticed that the dark patches had started to lighten up. I also noticed that the fine lines that had started to creep every now and then around my eyes were not as apparent as they had been. Being an Esthetician, I am always on the search for finding new Vitamin C products that actually work. I am very pleased with the Revenir.

With Appreciation,
Sandra Lee
Dublin, CA


I am not one to write testimonials, even when I am satisfied with the performance of a product. In fact, this is my very first effort.

When I decided to share my experience with the Revenir skin care unit, I made sure to check my journal for the exact period of time that I’ve been using it. To my surprise, it’s been only two weeks of twice daily applications and I’m already; noticing subtle changes in the appearance and texture of my skin.

I’m fifty-four years old and like many women my age, I was ignorant of the cumulative effect that exposing my skin to the sun with inadequate or no protection at the time would eventually have on it. As a result, it seems that overnight I began to notice hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. I immediately began the practice of repeated skin care regimens, including every new product I could find that was touted as the “most effective against the signs of aging’. I even became a vegetarian in an effort to correct the damage but as the years rolled by; more and more signs of sun exposure appeared on my skin and refused to respond to treatment. I’ve recently spent a small fortune in chemical peels and microdermabrasion with only limited success in turning back the years of damage.

When I read the article in Dr. Lark’s newsletter, documenting the results of clinical studies conducted on Revenir, I decided that the purchase of this product would be my last ditch effort to repair my skin without resorting to dangerous or invasive procedures like Botox or surgery. To my amazement and delight the unit is working its magic on my skin. I am noticing a gradual tightening or firming of my skin and also lightening of the hyper-pigmentation after only TWO WEEKS! Another advantage to owning the unit is that I can give myself a treatment whenever I want, without having to schedule an appointment with an aesthetician. That’s freedom and it’s great.

Thank you for this excellent product. I feel that I am finally turning the corner and am looking forward to what is yet to come. I am one very satisfied customer.

Rebecca Mondorff
Hanover, PA


I wanted to share with you my results using the Revenir Vitamin C delivery system.

I have been using Revenir for about four months now, and am so impressed with the results I have seen, particularly around my eyes. At 47, and having been a sun worshiper in my teens and early twenties (Who wasn't?), I was really noticing those lines getting more pronounced, especially around my eyes. I have been using Revenir faithfully for four months, and began to notice a real difference in the texture of my skin after about six to eight weeks. This improvement continued to progress for probably four to six weeks longer. Now, I feel that I am at a maintenance level. By that I mean that I have retained the plumpness and suppleness of this skin, around my eyes mostly, but also on the lines on my forehead and around my mouth.

As a Licensed Esthetician working in a medical office, I have access to the most sophisticated products available today. While there are many companies that have a vitamin C in one form or another, I haven't seen results to compare with those I have noticed using Revenir.

This is to say "thank you" for giving this marvelous and effective vitamin C treatment to us! It's great to know that I can use and recommend this truly effective treatment for the skin.

Nondy Llewellyn, LE
Bakersfield, CA

To whom it may concern,

I am delighted with (the) results of the Revenir. I have been using it for a month and have noticed a prettier complexion. Friends have complimented me on my skin and I have told them about your product.
I will recommend this product to my friends.

Thank You for your help.

Nancy Aberle
Laguna Niguel, CA

I am in my mid 60's and have been using the Revenir system for 7 days, once in the morning and once at night. My skin appears smoother, plumper, hydrated, the pores are tight; overall my face looks fresh and makeup goes on so much more even, and moisturizing cream seems to sink in and not just sit on the surface. My husband isn't sure what has changed but he thinks my face looks more youthful---I think so, too!

Judy Kawell
Bellingham, WA

Hello Priti,

I want to tell you of the amazing results I have had with my Revenir. I grew up as an outdoor girl and never wore sunscreen. Now I am paying the price with ugly brown irregular spots on my cheek areas, especially my left side. I have four areas that are larger than a pencil eraser. I have tried everything from a hydroquinone prescription from the dermatologist to natural creams and bleaching solutions.

Nothing worked until I used the Revenir. After about 3 months, the largest and darkest spot is almost gone. The others are much lighter and I don't need to put on a heavy concealer to hide them. I am thrilled with the whole texture and glow of my skin and even people I don't know have commented about how great my skin is. And, Revenir is so fast and easy to use compared to all that I have used before.

Thank you for such an effective product,

Judy Grinter
Collinsville, IL

Dear Revenir,

After using the Revenir for one month now, I have noticed my skin has become firmer, my pores appear to be smaller and the redness that I get form having Rosacea is gone.

I have also noticed with using the Revenir, a small cyst like bump under my eye is almost completely gone. The only thing that worked on this before was antibiotics but it came right back when I stopped using them.

I can’t wait to see the results I’ll get with continued use of the Revenir.

Thank you and best regards,

Since using Revenir, I noticed that it gave my skin a firmer appearance. It improved the overall tone of my skin and diminished the fine lines on my face.

Thomas Lee DC